For the past few months, these two coins have been making headlines virtually every day. It's as though DOGE and SHIB are engaged in a crypto dogfight that has engulfed the crypto sphere.
Buy dogecoin 2022

2022: Should You Buy DOGECOIN?

Dogecoin, often known as DOGE, is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market.
cryptocurrency Mining pools

How to Pick a Mining Pool for Cryptocurrency

The process of verifying and adding transactions to a blockchain public ledger is known as cryptocurrency mining.
Mining Pool

What Is a Mining Pool and How Does It Work?

A mining pool is a collective of cryptocurrency miners who pool their computational resources across a network in order to increase the likelihood of finding a block or otherwise successfully mining for cryptocurrency.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Today, there are thousands of technologies that claim to have fulfilled the original definition of cryptocurrency or to have innovated beyond these confines to create something entirely new.
October 16, 2021/by Akeem Mccoy

Should you invest in Polygon now that the Mina Protocol has been integrated?

September 26, 2021/by Richard Guthrie

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are More Powerful Than Bitcoin

Central bank digital currencies are perhaps one of the most transformative developments in our world financial system currently in development. CBDC...
June 26, 2021/by Richard Guthrie
shiba inu

Two Cryptocurrencies That Might Dethrone Shiba Inu by 2022

There are cryptocurrencies with larger market capitalizations than Shiba Inu, to be sure ( SHIB 6.96 percent ).
October 13, 2021/by John Masterson

Cryptocurrencies and their Types

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you may be wondering how intelligent individuals make sense of such a complex ecosystem. How do you differentiate one crypto asset from another when there are so many?
October 17, 2021/by Richard Guthrie

Elon Musk reaffirms his support for Dogecoin

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and a millionaire, has promoted Dogecoin, a “meme” cryptocurrency, over Ethereum, claiming that DOGE can be used to make Decentralized Finance (DeFi) more accessible to everyone.
October 12, 2021/by Richard Guthrie

El Salvador invests more than $25 million in the Bitcoin drop

El Salvador announced in a tweet that it had invested in the ongoing BTC drop, despite widespread criticism within the country about the use of BTC on a national scale.
October 29, 2021/by Akeem Mccoy
cryptocurrency Mining pools

How to Pick a Mining Pool for Cryptocurrency

The process of verifying and adding transactions to a blockchain public ledger is known as cryptocurrency mining.
November 4, 2021/by Richard Guthrie
Bitcoin Storage

What are the best Bitcoin Storage Solutions?

Following a price peak in late 2017 and a subsequent decline in popularity, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have seen another significant surge
November 3, 2021/by Akeem Mccoy

Mina Cryptocurrency

Mina Protocol is a “simple blockchain” designed to reduce processing requirements so that DApps can run more quickly. Mina has been dubbed the world's lightest blockchain due to its ability to maintain its size despite increased usage. In addition, it maintains a balance between security and decentralization.
August 31, 2021/by Richard Guthrie
Purchase bitcoin

How to Purchase Bitcoin Using Various Payment Processors

You might have thought of ways to buy bitcoin using traditional payment methods. We will talk about some of the most popular payments available and the alternate methods of purchasing Cryptocurrecies like Bitcoin.
November 2, 2021/by Akeem Mccoy

What Is a Reverse Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Initial coin offers (ICOs) are one of the most popular and crucial aspects of the cryptocurrency boom, despite the fact that they are highly charged due to difficulties with frauds and fraud.
November 13, 2021/by John Masterson
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