Can I Buy AKOIN?

Can I buy Akoin has been asked multiple times ever since the announcement.

The Akoin Utility Token is available within the Akoin Multi-Currency wallet for exchange between all DApp / App offerings and within the local market, including prepaid minute conversion (a major store of value in Africa), direct service payments (ie utility, mobile, etc) and the ability to convert into local currency; all creating a strong value proposition for early adopters and users of the Akoin platform.

The Akoin Utility Token will be the main source of token-based incentives within the entire Akoin ecosystem. All Akoin utility and goods provided by vendors to their users (ie merchants, app developers) will be paid in Akoin. For the consumer, Akoin utility and goods will be paid in their local currency, providing a significant incentive for users to convert their Akoin utility tokens into local currency.

Akoin Utility Tokens

Akoin Utility Tokens will be provided as a part of the Akoin ecosystem, and will only be purchased using a mobile wallet and QR code. Accessible via a simple “Buy” / “Get” function within the wallets, as well as within the different Akoin wallets.

Akoin allows utility tokens to be paid in the local currency or mobile money, directly on the merchant’s blockchain network. This feature will create greater efficiencies and a more transparent marketplace for both merchants and consumers.

Akoin has introduced the concept of the utility token, which allows the holder to receive compensation for using an application or product. The token will be an incentive, enabling users to purchase goods or receive a service from an app or vendor, directly through the app, with a fiat transfer.

Utility tokens will be used as the only token used within the Akoin ecosystem. Utility tokens will be used for general purchasing, as well as for discounts and services which are available exclusively through the app. All other types of tokens will not be allowed, because of the large regulatory compliance needed.

Utility Tokens are not intended to be used as a means of exchange in any transactions between app and consumer. It is the intention of Akoin to create an app-like environment where utilities are paid in the local currency. In this sense, it is a utility token rather than a currency.

Consumers will be able to see how much value is owed and purchase it using a simple QR code scanner. The app will give all users a chance to redeem tokens from their wallets so that they can be used to pay for goods and services.