How much is AKOIN worth?

Asking – How much is Akoin worth?
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Here is a chart with the historical price movements. These price movements are computed as the opening price of the coin on each of the five days and the closing price of the coin on the corresponding date.

Akoin is currently in a correction period that is anticipated to end in a few weeks with significant price movement upward.

Akoin closed at 0.0233660 BTC, which is 20.5% lower than the opening price of 0.0242202 BTC.

We are also now seeing some significant capital inflows into Akoin Vault, which further bolsters the investment case for the coin.


Akoin is a promising Altcoin that has great potential to become one of the top altcoins in the Bitcoin and Ethereum led environment. Akoin is actively involved in the development of the security space and the tech of the ecosystem and is one of the most active of the coins in the space. We expect a price correction before we see significant price movement upward.

There is a silver lining to this correction, as it will allow Akoin holders to take advantage of the increased liquidity in the markets to boost their portfolio value. We expect the price to increase in the coming months with the launch of the tokenized exchange as well as the expansion of Akoin Vault.

Akoin is still undervalued and has tremendous potential as an investment in the security space. We recommend accumulating at 0.0069303 BTC or 0.0122050 BTC or lower.