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What’s The Different Between Brc20 And Runes

Creating fungible tokens on Bitcoin is a concept you may be familiar with, BRC-20 has exceeded 2.4 billion dollars in market capitalization in less than a year. BRC-20 The new Bitcoin Ordinal inscription system is leveraged by the BRC-20 protocol. The Bitcoin blockchain has a new feature called inscription that allows us to add unique […]

What are Btc Runes

Btc Runes Btc Runes are a notion that stand for a decentralized layer of the blockchain that supports different DeFi activities. Their goal is to provide more sophisticated financial services by utilizing Bitcoin’s strong security and decentralization.  who created Btc runes protocol In September 2023, Casey Rodarmor, a developer of Bitcoin, presented the Btc Runes […]

How to play and earn in Pixelverse

 What is PixelVerse Game Pixelverse game is a P2E game based on blockchain technology. With blockchain technology at its core, PixelVerse Game is more than simply a game; it’s a dynamic, interactive environment. PixelVerse Game, made for makers, explorers, and players, provides a decentralized, immersive gaming experience that’s unmatched. How is the PixelVerse Game operated? Users […]

what is Pixelverse

what is meant by Pixelverse Pixel Verse is a P2E game based on blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, fight against others and earn money using only your skills. Pixelverse allows users build, explore, and trade in a dynamic virtual world. Pixelverse fundamental goal is to enable anyone to create original […]

Pixel Tap

What is Pixel Tap PixelTap is a cryptocurrency game that can be found within the Telegram messaging software and involves touching pixels. PixelTap’s main method of earning in-game cash is tapping a large yellow coin. In the game, your main goal is to upgrade bots, known as pets, using cash. Once upgraded, these bots battle […]

What are Bera, BGT And Honey.

Overview Of Berachain Berachain is a high-performance, EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain known for its unique Proof-of-Liquidity consensus mechanism. Built on the Polaris framework and using the Comet BFT consensus engine, Berachain creates a synergistic environment between validators and its ecosystem. Berachain tokens $BERA The $BERA token serves two main purposes on the Berachain network: How to […]

How to use berachain faucet: a quick guide.

Bera $BERA is the network token, It’s what covers the gas used in the transaction. A faucet A faucet offers a users with free cryptocurrency in little amounts for completing simple tasks like watching advertisements, completing captchas, and taking brief surveys. These faucets’ main goal is to increase public knowledge and comprehension of particular cryptocurrencies. […]

Berachain: who is behind it?

what is berachain Berachain is a DeFi focused layer 1 blockchain that operates on the Cosmos SDK using Proof of Liquidity consensus. Polaris provides Berachain with EVM compatibility and a modular environment, allowing for the isolation of the EVM runtime layer whilst leveraging stateful precompiles and custom modules to ensure smarter enabling sophisticated contracts. Who […]

How to mint ordinals including cost.

Minting Bitcoin Ordinals entails inscribing data onto individual Satoshis. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for minting Ordinals, including the costs: Set Up a Compatible Bitcoin Wallet Choose a Bitcoin wallet that supports Ordinals. Popular options include the Sparrow Wallet, which is known for its flexibility and support for advanced Bitcoin features: Ordinals Wallet Install and Configure […]

What Are BTC Ordinals?

Btc ordinals  How to Get BTC Ordinals Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet Acquire Bitcoin (BTC) Use a Compatible Platform: Marketplace Participation Confirm and Secure How Do Bitcoin Ordinals Work Btc ordinals work through the following: On the Bitcoin blockchain, BTC Ordinals improve transparency and open up new possibilities for digital art and asset management.