Berachain: who is behind it?

what is berachain

Berachain is a DeFi focused layer 1 blockchain that operates on the Cosmos SDK using Proof of Liquidity consensus. Polaris provides Berachain with EVM compatibility and a modular environment, allowing for the isolation of the EVM runtime layer whilst leveraging stateful precompiles and custom modules to ensure smarter enabling sophisticated contracts.

Who is behind berachain

Behold, Berachain embarked on its blockchain journey in 2021 by developing the world first rebasing NFT collection following Olympus DAO.

The project, called Bong Bears a collection of bongs in the hands or mouths of meme-y bears which one could buy on OpenSea as NFTs.

In April 2022, the Bong Bears team stated that they were taking a step further to provide an alternative Layer 1 platform for their brands with Berachain.

If so, then for the first time only does their concept of what they have to offer ever actually realize its full existence beyond a joke meme about cartoon bears.

Currencies Company in that sense would be a real step into representing the large amount of entire blockchain ecosystem has based itself on equitably compensating all those who participate within it and at the same time also taking full advantage of so many different very advanced tech innovations.

The Berachain project consists of a pseudonymous co-founding team called

  • Smokey the Bera
  • Dev Bear
  • Homme Bera
  • Papa Bear along with others.

Majority of team on Berachain are from Toronto, Ontario Canada with the rest all over.


Berachain is not just another blockchain platform; it is a manifestation of the commitment and zeal of an efficient team. The team’s collective experience and dream are the reasons Berachain aspires to be a well-known figure in this industry.