what is berachain


Berachain builds a high-performance EVM blockchain on proof of liquidity and supports it with the beacon kit framework and it utilizes utilizes Beacon Kit, a modular and customizable consensus layer, to build its EVM-based blockchain.


POL is a novel consensus mechanism that aims to align network incentives, creating strong alignment between validators, ecosystem projects, and everyday users

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

 EVM is Ethereum’s runtime environment for executing smart contracts, providing a secure and isolated space for running smart contract code on blockchains.



Honey aims to provide stability within the network as this is its stable coin

Governance determines the principal gas token of the protocol, requiring it to be staked as a validator’s activation bond to become an active validator.

The Governance Token for Berachain When a validator submits a new block, they are granted some $BGT, which they then distribute to designated delegators and liquidity pools.


  • Bex: is the native exchange of Berachain.
  • Bend: The native loan and borrowing system of Berachain.
  • Berps: The native implementation of the perpetual protocol in Berachain.
  • Honey swap: this is the native Berachain’s swap for stable


  • By obtaining $100 million in a Series B fundraising round, they accomplished a noteworthy milestone and surpassed initial projections by 45%. This fundraising campaign’s success is evidence of the growing interest in Berachain’s potential and the strong investor confidence. Prominent investors Framework Ventures and Brevan Howard Digital in Abu Dhabi co-led the round


  • To sum up, Berachain is a advancement in blockchain technology that combines its distinct Proof-of-Liquidity mechanism with EVM compatibility. It supports an ecosystem that prioritizes liquidity and tackles the centralization issues that are typical of Proof of Stake systems. The platform’s unique tokenomics highlight its creative approach to economic stability and governance. .