How to get berachain wallet

Steps to Set Up a Berachain Wallet with Metamask

Install Metamask

  • Go to metamask wallet website and download the extension for your preferred browser.
  • For mobile, go to play store of apple store search for metamask and click on install.

Create your wallet

  • Ones metamask is done downloading you will follow the setup instructions to create a new wallet.
  • Set a strong password and carefully save your seed phrase in a secure location: write it down, as it’s essential for wallet recovery.
  • Follow the instruction to fully set up your wallet.

Add the berachain network

  • Open Metamask and click on the network dropdown (typically labeled “Ethereum Main network”).
  • Click on “custom network” for manual input.  
  • Specify the Berachain, network and provide BERA’s specific details, including the contract address, token name (Berachain), symbol (BERA), and decimal

Confirm the addition of berachain network within the wallet

  • After entering the network details, click “Save.” Your Metamask wallet will now be configured to interact with the Berachain network.


To safely manage your assets on Berachain, follow these easy steps to add Berachain to Metamask. You can play games, buy NFTs, exchange tokens, and use other decentralized apps by configuring your wallet and adding the network. Utilizing it gives you complete command over your resources and facilitates communication within the Berachain network.

Ensure that your private keys and digital assets remain safe, giving you peace of mind as you explore the world of Berachain.