How to use berachain faucet: a quick guide.


$BERA is the network token, It’s what covers the gas used in the transaction.

A faucet

A faucet offers a users with free cryptocurrency in little amounts for completing simple tasks like watching advertisements, completing captchas, and taking brief surveys. These faucets’ main goal is to increase public knowledge and comprehension of particular cryptocurrencies.

how to use berachain faucet

Connect chain to metamask

  • Network Name: Berachain Artio
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 80085
  • Currency Symbol: BERA
  • Block Explorer URL:

Bootstrap your wallet and get BERA token from berachain faucet

To receive tokens from the faucet, specifically BERA in this case, you must provide your wallet address to the  faucet


The Bera Faucet serves as a doorstop for the new to digital currency, allowing people interested in cryptocurrencies an effortless way to earn and understand these revolutionary coins without having any upfront cost.

Whether you are new to the world of digital currency or a seasoned professional, using Bera Faucet will help add some more depth into your crypto portfolio.