BTC ordinals: how to buy and sell.

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What is BTC ordinals

Bitcoin Ordinals are the equivalent of non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain using satoshis, the smallest denomination on the chain.

How to buy and sell ordinals

How to Buy Bitcoin Ordinals

Ordinals are generated on the Bitcoin blockchain, requiring a wallet that supports both BTC and Ordinals. Here are some recommended wallets

  1. Ordinals Wallet
  2. Xverse
  3. MetaMask (with Generative)
  4. Hiro Wallet

Acquire Bitcoin (BTC): Once you’ve got your wallet set up, you’ll need to transfer BTC to it from your exchange of choice

Reliable exchange such as:

  1. Kraken
  2. Binance
  3. Coinbase

Find a Marketplace: There are various marketplaces that allow Bitcoin Ordinals, Ordinals can be purchased in exchanges such as:

  • Ord swap: As the first trustless Ordinals marketplace to launch, Ord swap quickly became one of the top places to buy Ordinals.
  • Ordinals Wallet: If you’re looking for ease of use, Ordinals Wallet is the most user-friendly option available.
  • Ordinal Market: For those wanting the premier destination for buying and selling Bitcoin Ordinals, look no further than Ordinal Market. By partnering with Emblem Vault, it makes it easy for users to buy Ordinals on the Ethereum blockchain using ETH with popular wallets like:
  • Metamask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • And more

Browse and Buy: Look over the Ordinals that are offered on the market. Send the required quantity of Bitcoin to the seller’s address to purchase the desired Ordinal.

How to Sell Bitcoin Ordinals

Prepare Your Ordinal for Sale:

  • Make sure the wallet you’re using to store your Ordinal can sign transaction.

Choose a Selling Platform

  • On a market place that accepts Bitcoin Ordinals.

list your Ordinal.

  • list on marketplaces like magic eden, ordinal market

Set Your Price:

  • Determine the asking price.
  • Find comparable Ordinals to determine the market value.

Create a Listing:

  • Adhere to the exchange instructions.
  • Give specifics and indicate your Bitcoin pricing.

Monitor the Sale:

  • Pay attention to your listing.
  • Confirm the sale