How to mint ordinals including cost.

Minting Bitcoin Ordinals entails inscribing data onto individual Satoshis. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for minting Ordinals, including the costs:

Set Up a Compatible Bitcoin Wallet

Choose a Bitcoin wallet that supports Ordinals. Popular options include the Sparrow Wallet, which is known for its flexibility and support for advanced Bitcoin features: Ordinals Wallet

Install and Configure the Wallet

  • Set up your wallet by following the on-screen steps, which include creating a new wallet,
  • Secure your seed phrase, and customizing any necessary settings.

Acquire Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Buy Bitcoin on a reliable exchange like Kraken, Binance, or Coinbase. Move the Bitcoin to the wallet you just created.

Prepare for Inscription

  • A transaction containing the data to be inscribed is necessary in order to inscribe data onto a Satoshi. Get ready the digital artifact (picture, text, or other digital content) that you wish to engrave.

Calculate the Data Size:

  • Make sure the size of your data does not exceed the Bitcoin transaction restrictions. Even though the maximum block size for Bitcoin is 4 MB, individual transactions are frequently substantially less.

Mint the Ordinal and Sign the Transaction:

  • Make a Bitcoin transaction and add your information to the metadata of the transaction. To approve the transaction, use your wallet to sign it. Send the transaction out to all Bitcoin users.

Wait for Confirmation:

  • The Bitcoin network must confirm the transaction when it is broadcast. Depending on network congestion, this could take a few minutes to one hour.

Verify the Ordinal

  • Use a blockchain explorer to view the details and status of your transaction (such as Mempool space or Blockstream Explorer). Check to be sure the Satoshi has the correct info engraved on it.

Manage Your Ordinal

The freshly minted Ordinal should now be visible in your wallet.

Cost of Minting Bitcoin Ordinals

Transaction Fee:

  • The Bitcoin transaction fee is the main expense related to minting Ordinals.

Factor that affect transaction fee

  • The size of the transaction and network congestion also affect fees.


These instructions will let you utilize BTC Ordinals’ novel features and make one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. You can make the most out of your Bitcoin holdings by keeping up to date on developments in the market and investigating new resources.

Enjoy your minting!