Real-World Assets on the Blockchain: A List of Crypto Assets That are Real World Assets


The crypto market has evolved beyond mere digital currencies, with a new generation of assets representing real-world value. These crypto assets are backed by tangible assets, such as gold, real estate, art, and more. In this blog, we’ll explore a list of crypto assets that represent real-world assets, providing a new level of stability and investment opportunities.

1. Avalanche

2. Chainlink

3. Internet Computer (ICP)


5. Synthesix

6. TrueFi

7. TokenFi

8. LTO Network

9. BRICS Chain


All of this are class of crypto tokens that represent tangible assets that exist outside the digital spectrum. They represent traditional assets that exist outside the digital world.


These crypto assets represent a new era in investment opportunities, combining the benefits of blockchain technology with the stability of real-world assets. By understanding the list of crypto assets backed by tangible value, investors can make informed decisions and diversify their portfolios. Embrace the future of investing – explore real-world asset-backed cryptos today.