Pixel Tap

What is Pixel Tap

PixelTap is a cryptocurrency game that can be found within the Telegram messaging software and involves touching pixels.

PixelTap’s main method of earning in-game cash is tapping a large yellow coin.

In the game, your main goal is to upgrade bots, known as pets, using cash. Once upgraded, these bots battle other players, leading to more tapping action.

You may launch the game by selecting the first option when you visit the PixelTap Telegram bot to begin playing.

After then, the game launches inside the chat app, where you may play it.

Telegram in game mining.

Tapping on the yellow coin, which causes the timer to advance each time, is the primary method of earning money.

The claim button in the game helps you skip all the tapping, but it also resets the countdown completely.

In addition, there are a few other ways to earn in-game currency:

  • you can invite other players to the game and earn lump sums and a percentage of their reward.
  • you can also earn extra currency by performing tasks such as following the game’s social media handles and joining its Telegram channel.