What is $DLB NFT Marketplace: All you need to know

To popularize itself across the crypto space, DiemLibre $DLB has been working to create its dedicated NFT marketplace, which would offer a secure platform for assembling crypto-collectibles and NFTs. It also intends to hold multiple airdrops focused on bringing the community closer together and gaining traction in the digital space. DiemLibre $DLB believes in showing up to the community with an all-in-one approach that will garner users’ trust while offering them a source to securely manage their assets.

For the hundreds of thousands of NFT community members who will now have another outlet to exchange their digital artifacts, it might be a good morning — or possibly “gm.”

DiemLibre, The Currency of the Privacy Future, announced the establishment of an NFT marketplace a few months ago, but provided little details about when it will be available. Now fast forward to the present: The beta version of “DiemLibre NFT” was released with NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain.

Earn from Creator Royalties Forever!

Mint your creations and earn endless profits as Creator Royalties anytime your NFT is traded forever.

That is according to DiemLibre’s NFT website.

For a limited time, there will be no transaction costs for NFTs on its marketplace. The price will rise over time, but it will still be a “low single-digit fee,” according to Liam Gallant, a spokesperson who spoke at the meeting. To trade NFTs on the platform, users can utilize a Coinbase wallet or any other self-custody wallet they own.

“We’ve successfully brought the intricacies of cryptocurrency to the masses in an easy-to-use method,” Gallant said. “We think we have a comparable promise with NFTs as well.”

How To Get Going With The Marketplace?

As of now, you might be wondering how to get up and running on the platform. Here’s how;

  • Set up your wallet first.
    Connect your wallet to the DiemLibre NFT Marketplace by clicking the wallet symbol in the top right corner after you’ve set it up.
  • Look into additional NFTs
    Investigate other NFTs to get a sense of what’s going on in the DiemLibre NFT Market. Check out the Top NFTs, Top Creators, and more.
  • Insert your NFTs
    Upload your work (picture, video, audio, or 3D art), give it a title, a description, a price, and a creator royalty, and personalize your NFTs with your signature, among other things.
  • Put your NFT on the market.
    You’re ready to go. List your NFT and put it on the market. Remember that once your NFT is transacted, you will receive creator royalties.

DiemLibre NFT hopes to add more functionality in the future, such as restoring lost NFTs and much more. It also plans to introduce the ability to purchase NFTs using a Paypal account or credit card, making the ecosystem more accessible to mainstream consumers, according to Gallant.

Gallant added that in order to attract more people to its platform, it would partner with NFT artists around the world who will make collection drops on DiemLibre NFT in the near future. “You can expect our NFT to become the platform where the next Bored Ape Yacht Club,” or the next artist or organization, will start.”

“This is only the start,” Gallant remarked.

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