How to add berachain to trust wallet : A quick guide.

Overview of trust wallet and berachain.

Trust wallet:

Trust Wallet is a secure, self-custody decentralized wallet supporting assets across 100+ blockchains including crypto and can be used to buy, sell, swap, transfer and earn crypto all in one place.

It can also be used to hold and trade NFT as well as access different decentralized application.


Berachain is an EVM-compatible layer one blockchain, built using the Cosmos SDK, and secured by the novel Proof-of-Liquidity Consensus Protocol. To manage Berachain (BERA) tokens, you’ll need to add Berachain to your Trust Wallet. Follow these steps to ensure you can store and manage your BERA tokens securely:

Step by step method on how to add berachain to trust wallet

Firstly, Get necessary info:

Network Name: Berachain

Symbol: BERA


Chain ID: 80084

Block Explorer URL:

Steps to add berachain to trust wallet

Launch Trust Wallet and navigate to the wallet tab

  • Open trust wallet on your mobile, you should see the first interface of your wallet with an overview of your asset. 

Tap on the top right corner to access the token search function.    

  • On the first page of your wallet you should see a place that allows you to search for a token in the top right corner, then proceed to search for Berachain.

Search for Berachain, If BERA doesn’t appear in the search results,

  • After using the search button if it doesn’t brings out bera proceed to “Add Custom Token” for manual input.  

Specify the Berachain, network and provide BERA’s specific details, including the contract address, token name (Berachain), symbol (BERA), and decimals.

  • Firstly, you click on add custom tag
  • Secondly, you add correct blockchain
  • Lastly, you provide the information below:
  1. Network Name: Berachain
  2. Symbol: BERA
  3. RPC URL:
  4. Chain ID: 80084
  5. Block Explorer URL:

Confirm the addition of BERA to your Trust Wallet and verify its presence within your wallet interface.

  • After entering all the necessary details press Add button to confirm the addition of Berachain to your Trust Wallet.

How to confirm the success of the process:

  • Visit berachain faucet and claim bera test token after successful claim send to corresponding wallet.


These procedures will enable you to easily manage your tokens and successfully add Berachain (BERA) to your Trust Wallet. Take care to enter all information precisely to prevent problems. Your Trust Wallet can now be used to transmit, receive, and securely store BERA tokens.